We hate being wrong. We hate being told we’re wrong even more. There’s a dangerous problem growing in our culture today regarding correction. How do we interact with correction and …read more

Pre-Party of the Year

Hoboken Grace turns eleven years old this week!  Pastor Chris talks about what God’s grace actually means and how it ties into our story for the past eleven years.

When the Game Slows

Are you still clinging to your vision for your life? This week, Pastor Chris wraps up the “Vision” series by talking about the need we have to submit and surrender …read more


For many of us, we hesitate to want to be like Jesus because our vision of Jesus only depicts Him on the cross. This week, Pastor Chris refocuses our vision …read more


What is your vision for your life? How does that vision align with the vision that God has for you? As we kick off 2019, Pastor Chris walks us through …read more