Developing Love

As we close out The Love Project, Pastor Chris talks about how we apply the truths we’ve learned about God’s love the last six weeks to dating and how the …read more


The ONE. This mystic, idealistic dream we chase of finding the one person who is perfect for us impacts every one of us as we create our vision of love. …read more


Often learning about love can leave us feeling buried under the weight of all we need to do without every learning how. Today we spend some time on the “how”. …read more

Why Don’t You Understand?

In our vision of love understanding is magical. We expect them to magically understand and assume we magically understand them. What if we’ve completely missed the point when it comes …read more

Served or Serve

What if our vision of relationships is built around the wrong thing? What if we start in the wrong place? Today we shift the origin of our vision and explore …read more